NIO Capital, G7, and GLP jointly establish Inceptio, an autonomous driving new energy truck technology company

April 2, 2018 – NIO Capital, together with G7 and GLP, jointly announced that they will establish a new technology company Inceptio to develop a new generation of intelligent, heavy trucks built on autonomous driving, new energy technologies and logistics big data, in order to explore innovative logistics asset service models.

Inceptio will make use of G7's deep understanding of the logistics industry and vast quantity of real-time data, GLP's open logistics ecosystem and NIO Capital's rich automotive industry resources, progressively defining the next-generation of intelligent logistics tools through extensive industrial cooperation and resource integration across various fields. This will help Inceptio achieve its goal of establishing a new logistics asset management and service model for the shift to intelligent technology the world faces moving forward, and provide efficiently developed, safe and easy-to-manage autonomous new energy trucks for the industry.