NIO Capital Joins Initiative Climat International

Recently, NIO Capital officially became a member of Initiative Climat International (iCI). NIO Capital will work with more partners to contribute to the sustainable development of human society.


Members of iCI include global private equities and professional investors with good vision and professional capabilities in climate governance and risk prevention and control. All members are committed to improving practices and awareness related to climate change in all sectors. Since its establishment, iCI has received widespread support from all walks of life, including recognition and resource sharing from the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI).


Currently, iCI members in the Asia-Pacific include NIO Capital, KKR Asia, Warburg Pincus China and Southeast Asia, and other famous private equity and venture capital firms.


Source: PRI website


In recent years, the intensifying trend of global low-carbon transition has caught the attention of all sectors of society.


As a leading investment firm with solid ESG commitment, NIO Capital has practiced ESG investment and built a complete ESG investment system since its establishment with the mission to "Invest in Innovations that Sustain and Advance Humankind". The firm keeps promoting the low-carbon transformation and sustainable development of the industry.


Since the establishment of the firm, NIO Capital has practiced and promoted ESG awareness in the industry. It has engrained this concept in all aspects of investment, from project screening and due diligence to portfolio management. NIO Capital helps companies understand and prevent risks caused by climate change and grow into impactful firms in business, technology and sustainable development. Thus, the VC firm can contribute to the well-being of the whole society while pursuing financial returns.


Many NIO Capital's portfolio companies continue to lead the development of ESG concepts in their own sections. For instance, AlphaEss, a leading global energy storage solution and service provider, has been featured in the Global Clean Tech 100 for several years. Dida Chuxing, an online ride-hailing platform, participated in setting the first set of industry standards on carbon emission reduction for carpooling in China at the beginning of this year; Aulton, a leading company offering battery swap services, has provided whole life cycle management of battery for electric vehicles and commercialized operation support for battery-swapping stations. Many other NIO Capital’s portfolio companies also aim to push the transformation towards zero carbon emissions.


Each entity should play a role in responding to climate change and other global challenges, fulfilling low-carbon transformation and the two goals, namely carbon peak and carbon neutrality. By joining iCI, NIO Capital is glad to contribute to creating a better future with more like-minded and visionary partners.