NIO Capital's “Mission Blue” Initiative: Sowing Green Hope at Butterfly Spring


NIO Capital’s Mission Blue initiative recently embarked on a new journey. Team members transformed into “green messengers,” planting trees and nurturing hope at Butterfly Spring in Dali, Yunnan Province.


Mission Blue aims to promote sustainable development awareness and inspire action. The name reflects NIO’s commitment to a cleaner environment while encouraging employees to embrace ESG principles for a sustainable future.



A study published in Nature magazine in 2015 showed that there were about 6 trillion trees on Earth, and about half of the trees have disappeared since the emergence of human civilization, and the expansion of agricultural production is one of the core reasons.


The reduction of trees will lead to a series of disasters such as ecosystem collapse, biodiversity loss, global climate instability, etc. In the end, the Earth may not be able to sustain our survival. 



For years, NIO Capital has been unwavering in its pursuit of sustainable practices. Through dedicated investments and a keen eye on technological advancements, the firm aims to accelerate the global shift toward sustainability.


In the investment endeavors, NIO Capital accommodates environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors. We have established a robust ESG analysis system, actively guiding invested enterprises to embrace responsible practices.


On top of that, NIO Capital’s team members weave sustainability into daily lives. From promoting eco-friendly travel to reducing disposable chopstick and plastic bag usage, they embody the concept of sustainable living.


Mission Blue symbolizes hope. While individual trees may appear small, the team sowed the seeds of ecological balance and sustainable development by planting small trees.


NIO Capital invites all who care about our planet’s fate to join us in safeguarding our home—one small action at a time.