NIO Capital Successfully Holds Annual General Meeting 2024


NIO Capital successfully held its 2024 Annual General Meeting in Beijing from April 25th to 26th, 2024. The conference covered various trendy sectors such as energy, future transportation, and globalization. A diverse group of global investors, entrepreneurs, and industry experts explored industry trends and shared fresh insights.




William LI, Founder, Chairman, CEO of NIO, and Managing Partner of NIO Capital


William Li, the Founder, Chairman, CEO of NIO, and Managing Partner of NIO Capital, delivered a keynote speech at the conference. China's new energy vehicles(NEVs) are witnessing a rapid growth trajectory. In 2023, the NEV population in China reached 20.41 million. In 2023, China presented 63.5% of global NEV sales, with an NEV penetration rate of 31.6%. In the first half of April 2024, China's NEV penetration rate surpassed 50%.


During the sharing session, William presented NIO's latest technological R&D, product updates, and business progress from multiple perspectives. He further provided perspectives on capitalizing on current trends, enhancing user value, and improving the overall industry efficiency.



Ian ZHU, Managing Partner of NIO Capital


Ian Zhu, the Managing Partner of NIO Capital, delivered a speech titled "Invest in Global Innovation, Embrace China's Advantages, and Address Common Challenges." In his speech, Ian shared the fund's achievements and progress over the past year, highlighting the remarkable accomplishments of the NIO Capital CEO Club. He also emphasized that NIO Capital's post-investment empowerment practices are constantly evolving in response to the changing market environment, in order to better support portfolio companies in seizing opportunities and addressing challenges.


The new energy and electric vehicle industry is a global industry, and NIO Capital has been actively exploring various countries and regions, including the United States, the Middle East, and Europe, to foster international collaboration and empower portfolio companies to seize new growth avenues.



Jun ZHU, Vice President of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence at Tsinghua University、IEEE/AAAI Fellow


As a guest speaker at the conference, Jun Zhu, the Vice President of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence at Tsinghua University, IEEE/AAAI Fellow, shared his insights on the topic of "The Development and Practice of Multimodal Generation Model". He emphasized that the rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, marked by the emergence of ChatGPT and the widespread popularity of Sora, have sparked significant interest in the theoretical and practical development of multimodal models. Jun delved into several crucial questions, including the necessity of developing multimodal models, the approach to their creation, the methods to assess and mitigate their security risks, and the recent breakthroughs in the industry.



Jianyu ZHANG, Special Policy Advisor of CCICED, Executive Director of BRIGDI, and China Inaugural Chief Representative of EDF (1999-2021)


The invited guest at the conference, Jianyu Zhang, CCICED special policy advisor, BRIGDI Executive Director, EDF China Inaugural Chief Representative (1999-2021), shared his insights on the topic of "China's Low-carbon Practice and International Cooperation." He mentioned that China has been a pioneer and has achieved maturity in green and low-carbon development. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, China has demonstrated remarkable achievements in green energy project cooperation with more than 100 countries and regions, laying a solid foundation for expanded international cooperation.


In the future, the rapid technological progress presents new historical opportunities for green and low-carbon transformation, opening up broader prospects for the development of related companies. When conducting international cooperation, Chinese companies should always adhere to the principle of "adapting to local conditions" and explore various innovative models to promote mutual benefit.



Yao LI, Partner of NIO Capital


In the "Al and Future Mobility" panel hosted by Yao Li, Partner of NIO Capital, Xudong Cao, the Founder and CEO of Momenta, Chengchen Hu, Chief Expert and Associate Vice President of Technology Planning of NIO, Allen Li, the Co-CEO of Biren Technology, Joe Xia, the CEO of Jiyue Automobile, and Will Zhang, Founder of LimX Dynamics discussed the development opportunities of future transportation innovation from various angles including autonomous driving, intelligent automobile, robots, and chips.


The application of AI in the transportation industry is continuously evolving and advancing, resulting in a more intelligent, efficient and enriching travel experience for people. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The integration of AI into mobility is expected to give birth to new industries and business models, presenting significant growth potential for entrepreneurs in this field. In addition, the panelists also discussed the risks and challenges associated with evolving AI technology.



Carl GUAN, Managing Director of NIO Capital


In the "Globalization Opportunities for Chinese Enterprises" panel dialogue hosted by Carl Guan, Managing Director of NIO Capital, Shuang Li , Partner & President of EqualOcean, Wenxuan Li, Chairman of PCG Power, Weagan Long, Chairman of Mavel, Yongkun Wang, CEO of Standard Robots shared perspectives on how Chinese enterprises can seize opportunities with the ultimate goal of providing practical suggestions for Chinese companies to expand their global presence and accelerate market growth.


The Chinese government's work report for this year highlighted that in 2023, the export of foreign trade products, including electric vehicles, lithium batteries, and photovoltaic products, saw a nearly 30% increase. Notably, the export of new energy vehicles surpassed 1.2 million units, achieving a growth rate of 77.6%. With a consistent lead in global exports, China has emerged as the world's largest exporter of new vehicles. The popularity of these products not only reflects the accelerated transformation of Chinese manufacturing towards high-end, intelligent, and green technologies, but also creates new growth impetus for Chinese companies.



Harry REN, Director of NlO Capital


In the panel titled "New Modes of Electric Vehicle Supply Chain" hosted by Harry REN, Director of NlO Capital, Junwei Bao, Co-Founder and CEO of Seyond, Linfeng Lee, Founder and CEO of Hiway Technology, Grey Liu, CEO of Bebest Automotive Electronics, and Qingchun Jon ZHANG, Founder, Chairman & CEO of SiChain Semiconductors, discussed the supply chain upgrade in the context of electrification and intelligence development. They shared their perspectives on how to view the current and future relationships between suppliers and EV companies, as well as strategies for deeper international partnerships.


Reflecting on the century-long history of traditional automobiles, it is apparent that highly competitive automotive companies have consistently valued the advancement of component supply chains. With the evolving technology, core components including LiDAR, smart cabins, intelligent chassis, and chips have increasingly taken center stage in the supply chain. Therefore, reimagining and enhancing the supply chain system is now a crucial imperative for the industry.



Maggie Ye, Managing Director of NIO Capital


At the conclusion of the event, Maggie Ye, Managing Director of NIO Capital, Yang Diao, the CEO of Paradigm Advisors, and Zhehui Tang, Partner of EY, Former Member of the Listing Review Committee and the Review Committee of M&A and Restructuring of China's STAR Board, engaged in a profound discussion on the topic of "Looking into the Capital Market".


They conducted a comprehensive analysis of the current situation from multiple perspectives, including the market environment and policies, and provided insights into the future prospects. Furthermore, they discussed important issues such as how to formulate appropriate strategies to fully utilize the value of investors and inject stronger impetus into the long-term sustainable development of enterprises.


The 2024 NIO Capital Annual General Meeting ended on a high note, leaving attendees with an array of ideas and perspectives to ponder. In the future, we will join hands with partners to fulfil our mission of “Invest in Innovations and Sustainability to Advance Humankind”.