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NIO Capital Bulletin: July 2022 Edition

NIO Capital's Picks


NIO Capital CEO Club Invites Morgan Stanley's Chief China Economist Robin Xing to Talk about China's Macroeconomy


At the invitation of NIO Capital CEO Club, Robin Xing, chief China economist at Morgan Stanley, shared his insights on China's macroeconomy. Xing analyzed the short-term and mid- to long-term growth trends of the Chinese economy and gave his opinions and suggestions on future opportunities and challenges. CEOs, CFOs, and other senior executives of NIO Capital's portfolio companies also exchanged ideas.


Leading ESG Initiatives


NIO Capital Announces ESG Strategy: Bottom-up, Top-down, and Inside-out


On World Environment Day (June 5, 2022), NIO Capital released its ESG strategy. ESG investment, which is part of NIO Capital's genes, has become a crucial component of the firm's strategy in recent years. Since its inception in 2016, NIO Capital has endeavored to promote sustainable development through investments, encouraging its portfolio companies to adhere to the ESG vision. Click here to read NIO Capital ESG Strategy in full.


Aulton's Battery-swap Project Echoing the 'double carbon' Strategy Wins Honor


The National Business Daily (NBD), a Chinese financial and business newspaper, and the Beijing-based leading think tank on green finance International Institute of Green Finance (IIGF) of the Central University of Finance and Economics co-hosted an ESG-themed online salon. They revealed the list of 2022 Chinese pioneering green projects. Battery-swap services provider Aulton New Energy's project was named on the list after undergoing the NBD Think Tank selection process, peer review, and public announcement.


Portfolio Spotlight


Seven Executives from NIO Capital Portfolio Companies Named on X·36Under36 List by 36Kr


Seven executives from NIO Capital portfolio companies featured on the X·36Under36 list announced by tech media outlet 36Kr to highlight 360 outstanding founders in 10 industries. The seven people are from NewLink, Standard Robots, TrunkTech, NOLO VR, Nreal and Whale.


Five NIO Capital Portfolio Companies Named on a 36Kr Tech Firm List


36Kr unveiled its list of this year's 100 cutting-edge technology companies that investors are most interested in. Five NIO Capital portfolio companies are on the list: DPU developer Jaguar Microsystems, autonomous truck developers Eacon, Inceptio Technology, autonomous driving company, and EVTech, a Chinese new energy vehicle components supplier. 36Kr said that selected companies are outstanding in both technology development and commercialization.


Automobiles and Logistics


Inceptio Technology Reeives Public Road-testing Permit for L4 Autonomous Heavy-duty Trucks


Autonomous trucking startup Inceptio Technology was approved to test its L4 autonomous heavy-duty trucks without drivers in the driving seat on public roads in Deqing, Zhejiang Province, the first company to gain such a permit in China. In late 2021, Inceptio completed its L4 driverless heavy-duty truck test on a closed highway in Laiwu, Shandong Province. Back then, the trucks successfully drove on the highway without human intervention.'s Autonomous Driving Controller Tested by Customers announced that its Autonomous Driving Controller (ADC), powered by the NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion compute architecture (DRIVE Orin), has been tested by customers with a mass production plan starting in the fourth quarter of 2022. The company has been conducting autonomous vehicle road rests based on the controller since January. The ADC, along with's autonomous driving software and hardware, enables vehicles to drive, change lanes automatically, identify traffic signals, etc. on busy city streets, highways and expressways.


TrunkTech Launches Intelligent Truck Transport Services for Ports


Autonomous truck manufacturer TrunkTech has recently disclosed details on its intelligent truck transport services in Tieshangang District in Beihai City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The service is based on TrunkTech's self-developed intelligent logistics operation platform. The platform helps transform the manual operation mode into the intelligent operation mode during the process, proving TruckTech has established a systematic, compliant, and large-scale truck freight service.




AlphaESS Establishes Headquarters in Singapore


AlphaESS, a leading global energy storage solution and service provider, established its overseas headquarters in Singapore, marking a critical step in the company's goal to tap the global market. Leaders from Singapore Economic Development Board and Temasek attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony with Alfred Wang, CEO of AlphaESS and Zhang Xinyan, vice-president of AlphaESS.


Aulton Provides Battery-swap Services for HOZON NETA Taxis


The first batch of NETA U Pro battery-swap taxis was put into use in the city Nanning. This was achieved thanks to the 20-second battery-swap services offered by Aulton New Energy, a battery-swap technology developer. Aulton has established a battery-swap ecosystem consisting of vehicles, swap stations and operations in Nanning. Aulton has operated more than 610 swap stations in 36 cities across China by April this year.


NewLink's Subsidiary NaaS Landed on NASDAQ


NaaS Technology (NASDAQ: NAAS) listed on NASDAQ in June, making it China's first listed electric vehicle charging service company. NaaS, a subsidiary of NewLink, a digital energy solutions provider, is one of China's largest and fastest-growing renewable energy service providers. The company provides online and offline charging solutions and non-charging services to charging pile manufacturers, station operators, and EV OEMs, trying to improve the efficiency of the energy delivery systems through the application of digital technologies.


YKC Charging Cooperates with SF Express, JD Logistics


YKC Charging, a leading EV charging network and energy management service provider, has formed a cooperation deal with SF Express, a logistics giant in China. YKC will offer smart charging services for the new energy freight trucks of SF Express, leveraging on its 200,000 charging terminals countrywide.

YKC Charging also cooperated with China's logistics giant JD Logistics. The two parties will jointly build a charging network for logistics vehicles. YKC said that its in-house developed charging SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform now has the second-largest number of public charging piles across the country.


Deep Technologies


NIO ES7 Will Use Innovusion's Falcon LiDAR and Ambilight's Electrochromic (EC) Automatic Dimming Rearview Mirrors; NIO Co-developed Custom AR Glasses with Nreal


NIO ES7, the NIO smart electric mid-to-large SUV, recently made its global debut. NIO ES7 will be equipped with Innovusion's Falcon LiDAR and all-solid-state EC automatic dimming rearview mirrors provided by Ambilight.

NIO ES7 comes standard with PanoCinema, the AR/VR compatible digital cockpit system. NIO and Nreal, an innovative AR device company, developed custom AR glasses that can project an effective 201-inch screen at 6 meters. PanoCinema will bring about an immersive visual and audio experience in the space of the ES7.


Jaguar Microsystems Becomes China's First DPU Unicorn Company, Report Says


Tech media DeepTech recently said in an article that Jaguar Microsystems had raised the most funds among DPU startups, calling the semiconductor developer China's first DPU unicorn. It is expected that Jaguar Microsystems will provide DPU full-stack solutions in the future. As a new class of programmable processors, a DPU has the capabilities critical to enabling an isolated, bare-metal, and cloud-native computing platform that will define the next generation of cloud-scale computing. Therefore, DPU is considered the most critical innovation in the chip industry for the near future.


Biren Technology will Deliver Speech at the HOT CHIPS Conference


HOT CHIPS 34 (2022) conference will take place from August 21 to August 23 (virtual). Senior executives from NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, and Biren Technology will deliver keynote speeches on an opening day. This is the first time a Chinese chip developer will give a speech in one of the critical parts of the HOT CHIPS conference. Launched in 1989, HOT CHIPS has been known as one of the semiconductor industry's leading conferences on high-performance microprocessors and related integrated circuits.


Biren Technology Partners with Ping An Technology to Set Standards for the Domestic High-performing Chip Industry


Biren Technology has formed strategic cooperation with technology solutions provider Ping An Technology. The two parties will jointly set the industrial standards of high-performing computing infrastructure, improving the establishment of the domestic intelligent computing ecosystem.


Black Sesame Technologies Partners with Uhnder for Auto Perception Solutions


Black Sesame Technologies announced its partnership with the US digital radar developer Uhnder. The two companies will work to build perception solutions for ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems), co-developing a stronger and more reliable perception technology for next-generation intelligent vehicles. The partnership made Black Sesame Technologies China's first autonomous driving chip supplier that supports 4D millimeter-wave imaging radar.


Standard Robots Showcases Products in Germany and Japan


Standard Robots, a global leader in Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) technology, displayed its products at the Hannover Messe 2022, the world's leading professional space for industrial technology. The company showcased its sought-after products such as compound robots and self-driving forklifts. The company also attended the Kansai Logix, the largest comprehensive logistics exhibition in western Japan.


Standard Robots provides automation solutions in China, the United States, Japan, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. It has delivered over 4,000 AMRs and completed more than 350 projects in electronic, semiconductor, and other industrial manufacturing sectors across the world.