NIO Capital and Portfolio Companies Donate to Efforts in Wuhan

In light of the recent Covid-19 outbreak, businesses and governments the world over have extended aid to medical staff and emergency personnel serving on the front lines in Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic. In order to help address the urgent need for supplies and services in Wuhan, NIO Capital and our portfolio companies have not only provided donations of medical supplies, PPE and financial assistance, but have also actively leveraged our industry expertise to offer a helping hand in the areas of mobility, energy and logistics.

Below is a list of the donations and aid efforts from NIO Capital and Portfolio Companies

1. NIO Capital
Monetary donation: 2 million RMB
PPE: 1,000 N95 respirators valued at 25,000 RMB to East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone, Wuhan.
PPE: 30,000 medical-grade gloves valued at 60,000 RMB to Xianning High-Tech Industrial Zone, Wuhan.
PPE: 6,000 surgical masks valued at 30,000 RMB to Fang County, Wuhan.

2. NIO Capital portfolio company -- Inceptio
PPE: 100,000 pairs of medical-grade gloves valued at 200,000 RMB to East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone, Wuhan.

3. NIO Capital Portfolio – Black Sesame Technologies
PPE: 10,000 N95 respirators and 1,000 medical protective suits valued at 150,000 RMB to Hubei Zhongshan Hospital.

4. NIO Capital Portfolio –Newlink Group
Monetary donation: 1 million RMB 
Goods: 300 tons of petrol valued at 2 million RMB to the City of Wuhan.

5. NIO Capital Portfolio –Shouqi Limousine&Chauffeur
Services: Set up transportation options to provide travel services for community residents in Wuhan’s Development and Tongkou Districts, as well offering emergency medical services for illnesses that do not involve fever symptoms.

6. NIO Capital Portfolio –Dida Chuxing
Services: On January 23 as Wuhan prepared to undergo quarantine, Dida Chuxing notified all users that had arranged uncompleted trip bookings at the first possible time of the circumstances, refunding and cancelling their orders while waiving responsibility. After the State Council extended the 2020 Spring Festival holiday, all booked trips were also cancelled without penalty for Dida’s ridesharing service, Hitch Carpooling.

7. NIO Capital Portfolio – BoCloud and Shimo
Opened up exclusive free services in order to help regions affected by the outbreak.
We believe the speed of donations and assistance will surpass the speed of the spread of Covid-19, helping Wuhan to contain the virus. Thus far, the epidemic has already seen people around the world join together to help victims and medical staff combat the virus and reminded us all that when unified we are strongest. NIO Capital wishes everyone across the world health and safety and stands with the frontline medical staff and victims of the novel coronavirus.