NIO Capital Leads Series C Funding in BoCloud

January 12, 2019 – Provider of cloud computing service solutions, BoCloud, announced the completion of Series C funding led by NIO Capital. This latest round of funding will be mainly used for R & D of BoCloud’s core product technologies, the expansion of business scale, as well as the creation of industry solutions and the construction of a partner network.

BoCloud is a provider of cloud computing service solutions that promotes digital transformation through PaaS technology. The company provides customers with application management solutions based on a PaaS platform composed of container cloud, microservices, DevOps and other technologies. At the same time, it also offers customers resource management solutions that leverage the power of multicloud management platforms, automated operations and management as well as other technologies that span traditional IT and cloud computing environments. 

According to the China PaaS Market Research Report 2018-2019 released by CCW Research, an authoritative ICT research and consulting organization, BoCloud's market share of China's PaaS vendors in 2018 accounted for 5.3%, ranking first among startups. By the end of 2019, BoCloud’s core, independently developed products have seen wide use by more than 200 large and medium-sized enterprises across more than 10 fields.