Ian Zhu at the Future Investment Initiative: "The Application of Deep Tech to Intelligent Vehicles is of the Utmost Significance"

October 30, 2019 – Ian Zhu, Managing Partner at NIO Capital, was invited to attend the 3rd Edition of Future Investment Initiative. During the event, Ian explained that, "Automobiles are trending towards electrification, intelligence, and connectivity, and this technological shift will create huge opportunities and many multibillion-dollar companies."

Ian Zhu, recipient of "China's Best AI Investor" from China Venture for two years running, was invited to the event to share his keen insight into the EV market and deep understanding of technology and energy investment. Ian was invited to participate in a discussion titled Solving the Unsolvable: How Investors and Entrepreneurs Can Advance the Movement Toward "Deep Tech" along with Founder and CEO of SoftBank, Masayoshi Son; Founder, Chairman and CEO of Vista Equity Partners, Robert Smith; as well as Founder, Chairman and CEO of Hina Group, Hong Chen.
"The most exciting thing happening right now is the application of deep technology in the field of intelligent electric vehicles," noted Ian when discussing current cutting-edge technologies deserve the most attention. "Automobiles are moving towards electrification, intelligence and connectivity. This technological shift will create massive opportunities and many multibillion-dollar companies. Over the next decade or two, we will see the automotive industry undergo changes similar to those that have impacted the smart phone industry over the last decade, at a much greater scale."