Portfolio Updates
NIO Capital Bulletin: March 2023 Edition

NIO Capital’s Picks


NIO Capital CEO Club Hosts Technology Exchange Seminar at an Automaker


Representatives from NIO Capital and six portfolio companies, including Feize Composites, which produces carbon fiber auto parts, and Ambilight, which provides rearview mirrors and sunroofs for vehicles, visited automakers and discussed innovative technologies and supply chains.


This is the first event held by NIO Capital CEO Club in 2023 to empower portfolio companies in the automobile industry. Via such events, NIO Capital’s post-investment team aims to build a platform to help portfolio companies spot the trends and make effective connections.


Leading ESG Initiatives


NIO Capital Joins CarbonX Program to Facilitate Next-generation Low Carbon Technology Commercialization


NIO Capital has joined CarbonX Program as an investor to support companies that can commercialize carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) technologies. The program, managing an asset of about RMB 100 million, was co-launched by Chinese tech giant Tencent to connect innovative CCUS technology developers and the industry resources.


Portfolio Updates


Automobiles and Logistics


Inceptio Co-launches Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Initiative


Autonomous truck developer Inceptio and six members of the China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, launched an initiative to achieve carbon peaking and neutrality in the liquor supply chain.


Lotus Technology Begins Delivery of Eletre Luxury Electric SUV


Luxury automaker Lotus has delivered the first batch of Eletre, a battery electric vehicle, to its customers. Eletre, a medium and large SUV, is the first battery EV rolled out by Lotus, which just celebrated its 75th anniversary in March 2023. Gets Green Light to Deploy Fully Driverless Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles in Beijing; Cooperates with Neolix, Meituan announced that it has been issued a fully driverless autonomous vehicle road test permit by the Beijing Intelligent Connected Vehicle Policy Pilot Zone. With this new permit, will deploy 10 driverless robotaxis for testing in challenging urban traffic scenarios across a 20 square kilometer (7.7 square mile) area in the pilot zone in Yizhuang, Beijing. has started to customize an autonomous driving domain controller, which processes information of the surroundings delivered by sensors, for Level 4 autonomous driving van maker Neolix. The controller will be used in X3 Plus, the fourth-generation vehicle of Neolix. has finished the first-stage delivery and will start the second-stage delivery in April. has begun to tailor-make an autonomous driving domain controller for Chinese food delivery giant Meituan., which has delivered this controller at a small scale to Meituan, expects to hand over 10,000 units in 2024.




AlphaESS Displays Renewable Energy Solutions at Global Expos; Serves Renesas


AlphaESS, a leading global energy storage solution and service provider, attended Solartech Indonesia, ENEX New Energy 2023 in Poland, the Distributed Energy Show in the United Kingdom, the World Smart Energy Week in Japan, and KEY ENERGY in Italy to showcase its latest products.


AlphaESS has customized a solar power storage solution for semiconductor company Renesas, allowing the latter to enjoy stable renewable energy supply, cut carbon emission and energy costs.


NewLink Teams up with Micro Connect to Facilitate Green Financing


Digital energy solution provider NewLink has formed a comprehensive cooperation deal with fintech firm Micro Connect to provide financing services in gas stations, recharging piles and other energy hubs to micro, small and medium-sized firms.


Flexible Solar Panel Producer Sunman Energy Enables China Resources Power’s Project in Fujian to Connect with Grid


A distributed photovoltaic power generation project of China Resources Power was connected to the grid. This project is the first and the largest lightweight module photovoltaic power generation project of China Resources Power in East China’s Fujian Province.


The components used in this project are eArc, the world's first glass-free, lightweight and flexible panels made by Sunman Energy.After the project is put into operation, 14,128,600 kWh of estimated electricity will be connected to the grid, saving 4,273.90 tons of standard coal every year and reducing the emission of various air pollutants.


HyperStrong Helps China's First High-voltage mobile Energy Storage Power Station to be Put into Operation


China's first mobile large-capacity battery energy storage station was put into commercial operation in Baoding, North China’s Hebei Province. HyperStrong, a provider of energy storage system solutions, supplied the core battery system for the project run by China Southern Power Grid. The station can generate 2.628 million kWh of electricity every year, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1,498.75 tons, which is equivalent to the electricity needed by 110,000 households in one day in a peak season.


Deep Technologies


Arm Joins CIX Technology’s Client PC Program


Arm, the leading technology provider of processor IP, has joined Client PC, a program launched by Arm CPU developer startup CIX Technology, to promote the standardization of Arm PC architecture based on the UEFI+ACPI standards due to this program’s importance to the entire Arm PC ecosystem.


Black Sesame Technologies Joins Hands with Caocao Chuxing


Semiconductor firm Black Sesame Technologies and Caocao Chuxing, an online ride-hailing platform, will jointly build a high-level intelligent driving solution based on its high-performing autonomous driving computing chip A1000. The two companies expect mass-scale pre-installation of this solution to take place in 2025.


Standard Robots Closes Series C, Raising Hundreds of Millions of Yuan


Industrial autonomous and mobile robot developer Standard Robots has closed its Series C round, raising hundreds of millions of yuan from investors. By now, the company has shipped more than 5,000 robots, and its robots have worked in the manufacturing industry for more than 20 million hours. Standard Robots has realized commercialization of its products in over 10 countries and regions, serving more than 100 companies.


Innovusion Wins Tech.AD Europe Award; Teams Up with Eacon, Zhito, Caocao, and Plus


LiDAR systems developer Innovusion won the Tech.AD Europe Award 2023 in the Perception & Sensing category for its Falcon LiDAR in March.Innovusion will provide its Facon products to Eacon, an autonomous mining pioneer. Falcon, the image-level ultra-long-range LiDAR will be pre-installed into Eacon’s vehicles to increase their perception capabilities.


Innovusion and Zhito, an autonomous truck developer affiliated with automaker FAW, will jointly explore how to deploy high-performance LiDAR on intelligent logistics vehicles to help the sector develop in a smarter and safer direction.


Innovusion and Caocao Chuxing, an online ride-hailing platform, will work together to iterate the advanced assisted driving solutions to improve safety and comfortableness for both drivers and passengers. The two companies also plan to accelerate the large-scale commercialization of such high-level intelligent driving solutions in more cities across China.


Innovusion and Plus, an autonomous truck developer, will cooperate closely to seek technological breakthroughs for heavy trucks running on highways.


Rhino Wins the Highest Safety Certificate from SGS


SGS, the world's leading testing, inspection and certification company, has issued ASIL-D (Automotive Safety Integrity Levels) to Rhino, an autonomous driving chip maker, recognizing that the company has established the highest safety standard in R&D and process management. ASIL-D is an automotive risk classification that complies with the  ISO 26262 standard, which checks the functional safety for all automotive electrical and electronics systems.