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NIO Capital Bulletin: May 2023 Edition

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NIO Capital Successfully Holds Annual General Meeting 2023


The 2023 NIO Capital USD Funds and RMB Industrial Funds Investor Conference was successfully held in Hefei on May 18th, 2023. A global assembly of investors, entrepreneurs, and partners delved into emerging industry trends, seized lucrative prospects, and exchanged fresh perspectives. After a three-year hiatus, this conference successfully united investors from RMB and USD funds, facilitating direct face-to-face communication and interaction with members of the NIO Capital ecosystem and partners.


▌NIO Capital Wins Laurels in the 2022 Annual Ranking for Chinese VC Firms


NIO Capital was named in three categories: Top100 Best Venture Capital Firms, Top50 Best Direct Investment Firms and TOP20 Best Investment Cases in Carbon Neutral Industry in China.


For the 17th consecutive year, CVIFO, an independent third-party organization, has published a series of ranking lists of Chinese venture capital firms and private equity investments. The list is based on strict criteria and is known as a professional, authoritative and rigorous ranking.


▌NIO Capital Participates in ClearMotion’s New Financing Round


ClearMotion, a leading software-defined chassis company revolutionizing the in-car experience, announced a $32 million investment. NIO Capital participated in the deal. In a landmark achievement for the company, ClearMotion also secured a significant production order from an EV automaker, ensuring its ClearMotion1 (CM1) system will be accessible to consumers next year.


Portfolio Updates


Automotive and Logistics


▌Inceptio Technology and Budweiser Jointly Build Green Logistics


Inceptio Technology, China’s autonomous truck supplier, and world-class beer brand Budweiser have piloted the project of environment-friendly logistics with smart heavy trucks from Putian, Fujian Province, to Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. In this program, Inceptio has successfully delivered the first batch of heavy trucks equipped with Xuanyuan self-driving system, which can cover over 90% of the total mileage with zero safety accidents.


▌ Carries Out Full Self-Driving Test in Shenzhen


Automotive driving company is the first and the only one allowed to test fully unmanned vehicles in Shenzhen. It has tested its self-driving system without the control of a driver in core districts of Shenzhen.


▌TRUNKTECH Showcases its Achievements at 2023 World Intelligence Congress


TRUNKTECH, a self-driving truck maker, displayed its role in turning Tianjin Port into a smart one. In 2021, TRUNK delivered 6 unmanned electric container trucks and 60 ART (Artificial Intelligence Robot of Transportation) to Section C of the intelligent container dock of Tianjin Port, bolstering the construction of the first zero-carbon dock in the world and providing guidance in developing green and smart docks.   


▌CATA Logistics Demonstrates Star Products on Qualcomm China Tech Day


Third-party comprehensive logistics service provider CATA Logistics is the key partner in the intelligent cockpit sector for Qualcomm, a semiconductor giant. On Qualcomm China Tech Day, CATA Logistics showcased a number of star products for the Chinese automotive market, including those based on Qualcomm’s chip technology solutions.


New Energy


▌PCG Power Joins Hands with Minxing, OPPLE to Power Green Energy


  • Power management solution provider PCG Power and Minxing Group, a furniture manufacturer, set up a joint venture called Fujian Baobixing New Energy, with one project having a total installed capacity of 3.4 MW and 1.92 MW in Phase I. As per reports, the project can provide 1.85 million kilowatt-hours of green electricity for Minhou Minxing Weaving Co. Compared with thermal power; the facility will help the company save 555 tons of standard coal and cut CO2 emissions by 1,456 tons. Those benefits are equivalent to the effect of planting 80,000 trees.


  • The project developed by PCG Power and OPPLE, a well-known lighting solution provider, has 11,124 KW installed capacity in Phase I. This project aims to fulfill the self-sufficiency of electricity by putting photovoltaic components on over 80,000 m2 of the rooftop of the OPPLE plant in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. The surplus electricity will be used for Internet services. On average, this mode can provide 11.12 million KWh of green electricity in one year. Compared with the same volume of thermal power, this facility saves 3,339 tons of standard coal annually and reduces cut CO2 emissions by 8,749 tons, equivalent to planting 48,000 trees annually.


▌Sunman Energy Attends International Exhibitions


  • Sunman Energy, a lightweight solar pioneer, introduced its latest lightweight module with 520 watts output and solutions at the 16th International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition, one of the most important professional exhibits of this sector.


  • Many of Sunman’s lightweight modules were displayed at the International Power Industry Fair in Poland, which is one of the largest exhibits of renewable energy and heating technology.


▌AlphaEss Displays Strengths at International Events


  • At the SNEC 2023 PV Power Expo, solar power solution provider AlphaESS introduced two of its next-gen products, namely a self-developed 1,500V liquid-cooled container energy storage system and the Storion-H30 (30kW/34.56~96.77kWh) plug-and-play air-cooled outdoor cabinet. In addition, it also forged strategic partnerships to explore the diversity of new energy development with notable parties such as OSW, Australia's largest solar distributor, HuaSun, a pioneer in Silicon Hetero-Junction solar technology, SP Rixin and Huaxia Financial Leasing.


  • It focused on household smart energy solutions while speaking at the Smart Energy Conference & Exhibition 2023 in Sydney.


  • AlphaESS made a splash at the Future Energy Show Philippines with its brand-new smart energy solution Smile-G3 Energy Storage System.


Deep Technologies


▌Innovusion Delivers Falcon LiDar for NIO ES6


LiDar supplier Innovusion provided Falcon, a highly integrated ultra-long-range LiDar, to be used in NIO ES6 for better performance and higher safety.


▌Chinese AR Glasses Maker XREAL Buzzing with Activity


  • Nreal changed its name to Xreal.


  • Xreal launched Beam, a portable device shaped and designed like an original Apple iPod. It features two USB-C ports onboard and enables up to four hours of runtime. When paired with XREAL Air, Beam can have access to three degrees of freedom (3DoF) on any device. It can be ordered in June.


  • Xreal was listed on HURUN Global Future Unicorn Index 2023 in the ranking of startups founded after 2000 with a potential to reach $1 billion valuation.


  • After being nominated in the “Product” category in 2020 and 2022, Xreal's exclusive AR spatial interaction "Nreal App (Nebula App)" has won the prize in UX Design Award (iF Design Award) 2023 in Germany.


▌CIX Technology Attends Linaro Connect


CIX Technology, a Chinese startup that builds CPUs based on the ARM architecture, delivered the speech “ACPI for Arm Client PC” with the help of experts from Arm, an intellectual property provider, and Linaro, a non-profit open-source software engineering organization. Meanwhile, it also summarized the Linaro Client PC project and discussed with worldwide developers on how to implement ACPI standardization support for Arm PC.


▌Black Sesame Technologies to Drive Hongqi’s Autonomous Vehicles


Semiconductor firm Black Sesame's Huashan-2 A1000L chips will support Hongqi's autonomous driving domain control platform integrating driving and parking. This platform is expected to be used in nearly 80% of Hongqi vehicles. At the same time, E001 and E002 of Hongqi equipped with Black Sesame's A1000L chips will be massively produced in 2024.


▌United Winners Displays Latest Battery Tech


  • Compared with traditional lithium battery, laser welding equipment provider United Winners’ cylindrical battery with a diameter of 46mm and a height of 80mm boasts higher energy density, faster charging speed, longer life and lower maintenance costs.


  • United Winners illustrated the new trend, new technologies, techniques, and smart solutions for lithium battery manufacturing, at the Battery Show Europe, the largest of its kind in the continent.