Ian Zhu: Smart Electric Vehicles are Coming Faster Than You Think

Though the internal combustion vehicle was only invented 130 years ago, it rapidly changed the 3,000-year-old face of traditional land transportation, represented by the horse-drawn carriage, forever. NIO Capital believes that once people understand the outstanding experience that smart electric vehicles and driverless cars offer, these vehicles will be bound to open up a new era in mobility, and that this day is coming faster than mainstream institutions might expect. Today, Ian Zhu, Managing Partner of NIO Capital, delivered a speech on the sustainable development of smart electric vehicles at Global Tech 2017, discussing his vision for the emerging mobility industry. 
"Smart electric vehicles are coming faster than most people realize," said Ian Zhu on the trend toward smart electric vehicles. "This is largely because the growth of innovative technologies is not linear, but rather exponential. So, the increasing popularity of smart electric vehicles is an inevitable trend we will face moving forward. Smart electric vehicles have obvious benefits to the economy, society and environment. They increase energy optimization, can release energy back into the grid and offer a better travel experience overall. Furthermore, as the industry develops, the potential dangers associated with travel will be gradually reduced. So, smart electric vehicles are bound to become even more commonplace in the near future."