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NIO Capital Bulletin: November 2022 Edition

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NIO Capital and a Portfolio Company Spoke at COP 27


COP27, the 27th annual United Nations (UN) summit on climate change, took place from 6–18 November 2022 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Ian Zhu, Managing Partner of NIO Capital, attended the panel discussion Unleashing the Power of Climate Tech at AIIB's invitation.

Zhu said, that China being one of the largest emitters of carbon dioxide gas in the world is largely attributed to the energy and transportation sectors. NIO Capital is devoted to investing in disruptive technologies that will solve some parts of the problem. The replay here.

Executives from NEWLINK, a digital energy solutions provider, also addressed speeches at COP 27 events. Zhen Dai, Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Newlink, said that China's transportation sector currently accounts for 10.4% of total carbon emissions. The company's goal is to increase transportation energy efficiency by 10% and reduce China's carbon emissions by 1%.


NIO Capital CEO Club Successfully Held Leadership Training Camp for Portfolio Companies


From August to October, the "From Tech Geek to Great Leader" training camp was successfully held for founders and senior management teams from 14 companies of NIO Capital CEO Club. In the "Entrepreneurial Leadership" session, Chen Wei, professor of Management Practice and director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Peking University HSBC Business School, encouraged entrepreneurs to look inside, helping them figure out their inner self to realize self-awareness and break new ground to achieve psychological growth.


Leading ESG Initiatives


NIO Capital Joins Initiative Climate International


NIO Capital officially became a member of Initiative Climate International (iCI). As the venture capital firm taking the lead in implementing ESG initiatives, NIO Capital has carried forward ESG investment since its foundation, setting an example in promoting industrial transformation and upgrading toward low-carbon emission and sustainable development.


Portfolio Spotlight


Automobiles and Logistics


Inceptio's Autonomous Truck Travels Over 10 Million Kilometers


Heavy trucks equipped with the autonomous driving system of Inceptio, "XUANYUAN", exceeded 10 million kilometers in October, achieving a new milestone in commercial operation for the company in the field of autonomous driving trucks.


Inceptio Receives Automobile Network Security Management System Certification


Inceptio was awarded the first ISO/SAE 21434 Automobile Network Security Management System Certification for heavy trucks by TÜV, an independent organization for third-party testing, inspection and certification. The certification confirms that Inceptio has established a complete product development management system conforming to international standards of cybersecurity in the whole process of autonomous driving technology development, testing and verification.


Inceptio Helps Break New Ground for Liquor Logistics


The "L3 technology-based autonomous driving mode" project led by the Science and Technology Innovation Department of China Logistics Group and implemented by Inceptio (Shanghai) and Xifeng Group was officially launched. The trial run of the first intelligent driving line for liquor logistics in China, "Xifeng Liquor Intelligent Logistics Line", was completed, breaking new ground in smart road transportation. Cooperates with Ruqi Mobility and RoboSense


Autonomous driving company's robotaxi service has been officially added to Ruqi Mobility platform, an online ride-hailing platform also known as OnTimeinitiated by GAC and Tencent, with both sides integrating the transportation capacity of traditional and autonomous driving vehicles.

Meanwhile, and RoboSense, a world-leading LiDAR provider, will strengthen cooperation covering the whole chain of autonomous driving and smart transportation to advance the wide-scale application of self-driving technology.


TrunkTech Helps in Turning Hefei and Tianjin Ports Smart and Sustainable


With the aid of TrunkTech, an autonomous truck developer, Hefei Port has become the first smart inland port in China. The application of "AiTrucker", the autonomous driving system developed by TrunkTech, is expected to reduce 80 percent of labor-related human operations and relevant costs , significantly improving the comprehensive efficiency and service capacity of the port.

TrunkTech also empowered Tianjin Port so that it has become the first smart terminal with over 1 million standard container capacity to record zero carbon emissions in the world. It has set the record for taking the shortest time to construct from the ground up an autonomous container terminal capable of handling more than 1 million standard containers, taking only 33 months.


AIPARK to Construct Smart Parking Project in Guangdong Province


Recently, Guangdong Public Resources Trading Platform announced that intelligent parking solution provider AIPARK won a bid for the smart parking project in Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province. AIPARK will address the parking problem in the city by advancing the construction of a smart city through AI, to help the city build a smart parking network.




YKC Charging Joins Hands with SAR Motor, Qitian Technology, T3 Go, and Bailongma


YKC Charging will work with SAR Motor, a premium brand of Chinese automaker Great Wall Motor, to build an independent charging management platform covering 95% or more of high-quality charging terminals in China.

YKC and Qitian Technology, a digital marketing platform, will work together to improve the operational efficiency of charging piles based on the procurement of charging service cards.

Over 280,000 high-quality charging piles of YKC across China are officially open to about 800,000 vehicles on T3 Go, a tech giants-backed ride-hailing service provider in China.

The same number of charging piles of YKC is officially open to all drivers on the Bailongma platform, a one-stop SaaS self-service platform.


Deep Technology


Ambilight and Hozon Auto Collaborate on Light and Heat Management of Panorama Canopy


Smart thin-film manufacturer Ambilight will provide its flexible solid-state electrochromic film to Hozon Auto, an EV maker in China. Both parties will work together to promote the mass production and application of electrochromic film in the automotive industry.